What’s The Best Style of Management For A Sales Department?


Curious about the best way to manage a Sales team, I set off to check out what exactly are the different styles of Management.  What I found out and read is that management styles are characteristic ways that a company makes it’s decisions relating to subordinates.   There are two main styles of contrast.   They are “autocratic and permissive”.  The styles are divided into main categories of autocratic, paternalistic and democratic.
Wow! I had no idea this would get so deep, but it’s interesting.    Hmm? Now I’ve read in Wikipedia that this idea of different styles was developed by Robert Tannenbaum and Warren H. Schmidt who discussed and argued that a style of leadership is dependent on the circumstances around the situation.  These two gentlemen shared they believe leaders should exercise a range of management styles and use each style according to the situation and circumstances involved.

Many years ago I managed a team of telefunders! We worked for a non-profit raising funds for an organization.  I can agree with Tannenbaum and Schmidt in that a manager comes upon so many different situations while working with the team, that it does take skill to know what style is best to have the team work effectively and make the goals set by management!


What is Autocratic?

I understand that this style of management is used by having the decisions made by management and without much thought to others at the workplace.  This means the decisions will be more of the opinion of the manager and also the personality of the person in charge.  I understand this promotes confidence and a well run business.

What About Paternalistic Styles?

Now this style leans toward a dictatorial form of work, but the decisions do have a flavor of what is best for the employees!   I like the fact that they in Wikipedia say feedback to management is encouraged to help morale of the employees.  This style is good for keeping employees loyal to the company.  It has an emphasis on social needs.

businessteam at a meeting

Democratic Style of Management.

Ok, democratic styles of management  allows employees to help in decision making.  In this way the majority rules!  Lots of communication by leaders / management and the employees for this style to work.  Specialty skills that are required for this kind of company need feedback and help from those that do the work.  This benefits all involved by creating better team work as well as better products etc.

What is best for Sales?

First I’d say that the employees working the job know first hand what is needed to keep the work process going.  In my past work on phones and customer service, management would come to us to find out what works best with customers and keeping them happy! Organization is important as well, especially if a sales team has goals to reach.   So for Sales work their needs to be someone in charge who can guide the employees, but also encourage them.   For me, I believe a mixture of all styles would be best and depending on the situation and who you are working with and what kind of company of course will help decide the direction of business and employees!


Top Sales Leadership!

Here is an article that promotes the best of the best in Sales Leadership!  Good reading for all.  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sales-lead-management-association-announces-050100857.html   Enjoy!    Kathy.




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