The warning signs they shouldn’t work for your company!


Recruiting is far from being an easy task, from reading  exhaustive  lists of resumes, to conducting interviews, to do the pre-qualification process than hire candidates are Quite a Task! But what should you truly be careful for when going through the process of hiring.

Most people have the ability to write very nice resumes and cover letters and give the best referrals that are not always from their former jobs. Nowadays when going through referrals there is a limit to the amount of information you can get from an HR department of a big corporation and so the candidate can most of the time get away with that. It’s really not easy knowing the essentials like the reason for departure, the employee’s interaction with work colleagues, personality and productivity in the workplace. But once the person is hired what should you look out for:



The last thing you want to have in your company is a troublemaker. Someone who will change the workplace negatively and bring gossip and trouble. If we look further into that problem having just one disturbing employee can affect your company’s productivity and should never be taken lightly. When getting complaints from other co-workers always try to keep things confidential by protecting the employees who brought it to your attention. Sometimes people can accuse someone without actually having facts so it’s always better to validate if the comments made are truthful than give warnings and if this same issue continues than there is no reason to keep that person at work. The same thing applies for someone who has been in the company for years even if he or she is doing a good job you might want to look into having a peaceful workplace for the sake of your other employees.



If a newly hire starts off being late or being absent regularly than that’s your first indicator that there is a pattern being created here. You should definitely reinforce the training process to better limit these kinds of behavior soon enough to send a clear message to your employees that attendance and consistency is a MUST! The only reason you could tolerate absences would be for serious medical reasons with a doctor’s note. Most employees hold themselves until training is over and most of the time you can tell when an employee doesn’t like coming to work. You should only focus on those who enjoy coming to work who are not only there for a paycheck. This a major issue in companies a lot employees go through the whole process just to live off the company but are not productive because they hate coming to work. Some employees only hold on because of the pay, benefits,etc.


As soon as you notice something is off with the employee you should make sure the supervisor goes over these things with the  employee now by law we are obliged to give warnings before firing someone but we must have a valid reason and solid proof the employee has not met the requirement. If you have someone always moody, bullying, not attending, always sick but with no real valid motives you can’t have that kind of movement in your company. The essential part of a company is the employees and if they don’t meet the mark or misrepresent your brand they will cost you ! Do not ever tolerate people that are rude to customers or anyone else for that matter they also badly reflect on your business

More blogs to come on handling situations such as harassment, bullying, unproductivity and a high rate of employee rotations.

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