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The job market is riddled with carious openings today for you to embark upon your next career in your very own city. Just log on to any major career site and you will see the cast array of jobs that are needed to be filled from countless employers. The problem, however, is even when you find the job you want so have hundreds of other applicants. So how do you get noticed? A beautiful resume and cover letter will help, but you are not the only one whom has come to this conclusion. Certain sites, then, give you the option for upgrading your account by paying an expensive monthly fee to place your profile or your resume at the top of the list so employers will see you first. But should you have to pay someone just to get an interview that isn’t even guaranteed? I don’t think so and neither do countless other applicants.


Thus, I present to you the newest and most innovative career site that will not charge you anything to get noticed. It is and only with this job search site will you actually be able to submit a 90-second video resume of yourself to prospective employers where they can actually see you in person before they even conduct an interview with and you can pitch to them why you are the one they need to fill their open job listings!

It is very simple and easy to use, let alone free. Like LinkedIn you will have your detailed profile that will document your core competencies for the job of your dreams, coupled with CareerBuilder where you can have a resume and cover letter on hand to submit to job openings listed on the site, but also the advantage of YouTube where you can upload a 90-second video of yourself where you can be as creative as you want to be to demonstrate your personality and qualifications so that when employers see you they can get more than enough information on whether or not you are the best candidate for their open positions. The tables are truly turned with HireMeLive because now you are in control of your own career search. While you can apply to job openings listed on the site like any other one,this time, however, employers are paying to find you! You no longer have to waste your time going on interview after interview with companies that your really don’t want to work for. Instead, the power of HireMeLive will put you in contact with jobs that are a much better match for your own personal career goals because their 90-second video will replace the traditional first interview, weeding out all the dead-end job prospects.

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Your city is booming with job openings and now more and more employers are opting for the services of HireMeLive to find the best possible candidates in a more efficient matter, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to get noticed in this rat race of a world. Every other career site employs a written resume, but HireMeLive’s 90-second video resume gives you the ultimate advantage to get hired today and in a company you truly want! Don’t waste your time trying to let a document speak for you. Speak for yourself by uploading your own video resume that will allow employers to see who you truly are like they were visiting a career fair hosted by you! Don’t delay, sign up today! Your new job is waiting for you!

By Javier F. Felipe-Morales

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