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Once the best candidates are selected for the job, the employers will be able to schedule and conduct a live video interview where specific questions will be answered.

Our video interview feature is user-friendly, you can interview up to 10 candidates at once and you can follow up and inbox candidates, interact live or ask for video submissions. We offer a feature that allows your company to integrate videos explaining each job offer.

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A one-way
Video Interview

Essentially the recruiter and or/ employer can send a series of specific questions for selected candidates to answer in a video format. Once completed candidates will than submit their video back to the employer for further evaluation.

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Live Video

Employers may choose to interview up to 10 candidates at a time through the conference feature. It is time efficient and allows to screen numerous candidates all at once. Get to know more about your top prospects and interact with them live!

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We also offer

features that allows a candidate to share this video resume link to a specific employer through social media networks of their choice.

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